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What are Clip-in Hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are an easy, temporary, damage free and effective way to add instant length, volume and temporary highlights to your natural hair. Razzl Dazzl Hair extensions are made of 100% human remy hair and each set comes with multiple wefts that can be easily clipped in and out of your natural hair within minutes. The wefts are lightweight and practically invisible. They are an incredibly powerful transformative hair tool that you can now achieve in the comfort of your own home!

Can I wear clip-ins if I have short hair?

You can definitely wear clip-in extensions as long as the shortest layer of hair should reach the occipital bone. It's right between where your neck and your head connect, and the area just below your ears. Short, blunt hair is the most challenging hair type to blend naturally- but it is possible! We recommend using the 220g in this situation. In some cases we also find that adding one or two Wonder Wefts can also help according to how blunt your hair is.

How do I wash them?

You should wash your extensions only when you have noticed a product buildup in them. We recommend using sulphate-free shampoo for colour treated hair under lukewarm water in the sink. After that you can use a conditioner of your choice so they can stay shiny and soft. After you've washed them, lay them flat on a towel and brush them out with a good quality, soft bristled detangling brush and leave them to dry.

Can I style them with hot styling tools?

Definitely! Like your natural hair, you can style your hair extensions in numerous ways. To increase the lifespan of your hair extensions, use a heat protective spray prior to styling. Additionally, our Razzl Dazzl hair appliances are nano-titanium plated and are designed to give you less damaging and long lasting results than conventional styling appliances.

How do I pick the right shade of Hair Extensions?

We have a comprehensive colour guide that will assist you to pick your perfect shade of Razzl Dazzl Hair Extensions. Alternatively, you can always email us at for a free colour match. 

Our clip-in extensions are made with a revolutionary multi-blend colouring system that's more realistic and naturally blends with varying tones in your hair allowing a perfect match even if it's a shade darker or lighter. 

Can my Razzl Dazzl Hair Extensions be colour treated?

Yes, you can! However, keep in mind that colour treating your extensions can cause frizz and damage if it is done incorrect. We strongly advise you to get your hair extensions professionally coloured and use the 1 clip weft as a tester before colouring the entire set. However, we do not advise you to colour your extensions with a lighter shade as it would involve a bleaching process. Bleaching your extensions would weaken your hair’s natural proteins and reduce its elasticity. The key is to treat your extensions the same way you treat your natural hair.

How long will my extensions last?

Our hair extensions typically last for up to a year, but can be used for a longer period of time depending on the quality of care they receive. Learn how to best take care of our extensions using our extensive Hair Extension Care Guide.

How long does shipping take?

We always try to ship out our orders as soon as we receive them. This process could take up to 2 business days, regardless of the shipping option selected at checkout. We ship 6 days a week, excluding Fridays & holidays. Shipping times will depend on your country of residence.

Do you ship to my country?

We currently ship to over 100 countries. *Due to import restrictions, we currently do not ship our AU hair styling tools to North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.