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Having a healthy mane plays a deeply rooted role in our sense of attractiveness about ourselves, which in turn is an important part of our self-confidence. The truth is, ladies, the immeasurable time we spend to style and care for our hair inevitably makes us feel emotionally attached. A good hair day is a feel good factor in our lives. It permeates a sense of confidence by making us feel more youthful and beautiful. Whereas a hair meltdown can make your confidence plummet. Ladies, we all understand the emotional pain we feel when experiencing hair fall. Each strand of hair lost in the shower also washes away some of your inner confidence. Fortunately, there are several effective tactics that can get you out of this despicable conundrum. Let bygones be bygones, my beauties, and let’s do some damage control by educating ourselves and successfully conquering goal-worthy hair.

Feed Your Hair. Feed your soul. 

You must have heard of this statement: you are what you eat. The secret behind achieving your dream hair does not come down to the copious amount of money spent on hair products and salon appointments but to the nourishment your body receives. The recipe for thick and healthy hair is a protein rich diet. A minimum of 45 grams of protein is needed to allow thick individual hair strands to grow out of follicles, without any breakage. Omega-3 fatty acids found in foods like salmon, avocado, chia seeds and nuts like almonds and walnuts are known to retain the moisture in the hair and result in shiny looking locks. Try eating foods with high Zinc and Ferritin levels to achieve the long locks you have always wanted. You can choose between foods like lean red meat, dark green vegetables and dried apricots. Water soluble vitamin B (i.e. biotin) found in foods like oats and brown rice, collagen boosting vitamin C in citrus fruits, red peppers and strawberries and vitamin E rich foods like sunflower seeds and olives helps reduce hair breakage.

Hair Damage

Women with damage hair

An effective hair care routine plays a tremendous role in preventing or slowing down hair fall. Over washing hair near the roots, skipping the conditioner, using hair tools without heat protective serums, over brushing dry or wet hair can leave your hair frail and fried. A curler/straightener with a nano-titanium finish will help glide through the hair with equal distribution of heat, ensuring quick and less damaging results. Let’s face it, many of us make the spontaneous decision to get red or gold coloured locks. Unfortunately, the post-bleached tresses are left weakened due to exposed cuticles, triggering spit ends and easy breakage. We don’t want to play the villain and stop you from getting creative with your hair. However, we suggest you use a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair.

 Stress induce hairfall


We grow up seeing our grandmothers and mothers with thick, strong and cascading hair and believe that being gifted with good genetics will act as an insurance against thinning hair. Truth is, in the 21st century maintaining a successful work-family balance can be mentally taxing and stressful, which kicks hair off its growth phase and accelerates hair fall. To alleviate stress levels, try meditation, listen to soothing music, perform mood-boosting exercises and socialize with friends and family.


We hear many of our beauty soul sisters complain “I cry every time I see a ball of hair on my hair brush.” Unfortunately, this dilemma can also be due to an underlying medical cause known as PCOS: hair fall caused by elevated androgen or testosterone levels. On the bright side, a balanced diet (with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats), sufficient exercise and adequate sleep will help control hair fall.


Menopause and Postnatal Hair Fall

Due to shifts in hormonal levels, you may notice your hair becoming brittle and weak post-menopause. But let’s not hit the panic button and recognize that it is temporary. During this time period, it is important for you to eat healthy, stress less, perform scalp massages and try herbal remedies (i.e. ginseng and black cohosh). If you are a new mom, it is not atypical to experience more shedding. However ladies, before you decide to throw in the towel you must know that postnatal hair fall is usually temporary, lasts for 6-12 weeks and reversible.

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