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Braid Series: 3 Bubble Braids

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! Who doesn’t love bubbles?! Whether it’s the kind we sip on, blow out or base our hairstyles on- there’s no denying that bubbles are a go-to when you’re feeling giggly and excited- even over something as simple as being halfway through your workweek! 

Who said this fun and playful hairstyle is only for kids?  For those of you girls who just wanna have fun- you can always step it up by adding clip-in hair extensions, wrapping your hair strands around the elastics between the bubbles, using fun and colorful accessories such as scrunchies or even finding random household items like gold wire to glam up the look.

We should probably also mention how easy and straightforward bubble braids can be to recreate- so don’t be afraid to give it a go! We’ve decided to show our top three favourite bubble braids of the season! 

Look 1: The Valentino- Inspired Single Bubble Braid

Let’s discuss that fine day when Valentino decided to stun the world with their bubble braid comeback during their 2014 Fall Runway show. We’ve been obsessed with this look ever since! Who said bubble braids can’t be sophisticated and cute all in one hairstyle?

To recreate this look you will need:

  • A handful of clear elastic bands

  • A hair straightener 

  • A duo-bristle brush

  • Heat Protectant Spray (We recommend using the CHI 44 Iron guard Thermal Protectant Spray)

  • Anti- Frizz Spray - (We recommend using the Kerastase Anti Frizz Spray)

  • Shine Spray- (We recommend using the Kevin Murphy Shine Spray)

  • Hair Spray (Recommended: L’Oreal Paris Elnette Satin)

  • A topsy turvy tool

  • Optional: A set of clip in extensions

To make sure this hairstyle looks neat and put together we would suggest brushing through your hair and extensions with the duo-bristle brush and straightening them all- dont forget to use heat protectant spray beforehand! If you are choosing to use clip-in extensions for this look- which we would totally recommend as it really enhances the look, we recommend using only the wefts that would be placed on the back of your head. 

After clipping in the extensions, start by tying all your hair in a neat low ponytail with a clear elastic. Tie the second elastic around 1- 1 1/2 inches below the first elastic to create your first bubble. Slightly fan out the bubble before grabbing a small strand of your hair to wrap around the clear elastic. You have the option of using a bobby pin to tuck in the hair but we find that using a topsy turvy creates a way cleaner look. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this genius invention that doesn’t get nearly the recognition it deserves, a topsy turvy is a hair essential tool that can be used to create beautiful hairstyles by tucking in your hair in hard to reach places. 

After pulling your hair strand through to secure your hair strand hair band, fan out your first bubble some more for extra cuteness.

Now it’s time to move on to your next bubbles - which you will just need to follow the same steps for.

Once you’re done with the look, clean up any strands sticking out and use some anti-frizz hair for any flyaways!

Look Two: The Half-Up Do Bubble

This version of the bubble braid requires the same steps of fanning out each bubble before moving on to the next one. If you have clip-in extensions, we would recommend being extra careful to create the initial half-up ponytail using partings that don’t show any of your wefts. 

Feel free to step up the cute factor of this hairstyle by adding silk scrunchies or other adorable hair accessories to go over the clear elastics of each bubble.

Look Three: The Double Bubble

Before giving you the easy steps you’ll need to recreate this look, consider yourself warned as you will most probably be extra adorable to all your loved ones while sporting this hairstyle. Knowing this, we would recommend using this information wisely by cashing in your cuteness to ask your bestie if you can borrow that one favourite sweater of hers- it will work!

Start off by using a rat tail comb to part the back of your hair right down the middle and tying each pigtail while making sure none of your wefts are showing. 

Once you’ve created the perfectly symmetrical pigtails, start creating your bubble braids on each side. Keep in mind that you should fan them out before moving on to the next bubble. Once you’ve worked your way down your hair, go over each section to make sure there are no strays. 

To add an extra layer of cute to this look, we decided to use some gold wire we found lying around. Cut each wire and wrap it carefully over the clear elastics at the end of each bubble to make sure the elastics are fully concealed. 

Who said bubbles are only for little kids? Feel free to use these hairstyles especially on the days where your hair might not be as shiny or clean as you’d like to admit (we’ve all been there!). * perfect for 2nd or 3rd day hair!

Now our only question for you is, which is your favourite bubble braid look? Leave your response in the comment section below to let us know!

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