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3 Quick Date Night Looks


It’s date night! You’ve got that perfect outfit in mind and exactly which make up look to recreate. The only undecided factor is what on earth to do with your hair! Whether it’s your first date or with your forever date, we always want to look & feel our best while out with bae. So we’ve narrowed down three easy & effortless, ultra dreamy date night hairstyles, which will have your fairy tale evening coming true before you’ve even left the house. 

Look 1: Bombshell Bae: Glamorous Curls

In order to really step up your game. We recommend using clip in extensions to add extra volume & length. These can be used for all of the following looks.


What you will need for the Bombshell Bae: 

  • Medium sized (1 inch) curling wand 

  • Hair Spray (We recommend L'Oreal Paris Elnett Superhold)

  • Heat Protectant Spray (We Recommend: Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Guard Protection Spray. 

  • A teasing comb

  • A diffusing comb 

  • 10-12 sectioning clips

For this look we used our Razzl Dazzl clip-in extensions in the following order:

  • The 3-clip weft
  • The smaller 4-clip weft
  • The thicker 4-clip weft
  • The other 3-Clip weft

For each front side of your head:

  • Your 2-clip wefts for each side 
  • Two of your 1-clip wefts for where you feel you need them 

1. Before you add your extensions start by giving your hair & your extensions a good brush through. We find using a duo-bristle brush really helps to get out all of those pesky knots.

2. Before heat styling your hair you must add heat protectant spray. We recommend the Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, but if you have a preferred brand, use that. 

3. We need to make sure the parting is on point, for this look we’re creating deep side parting. choose your preferred side. If you don’t have one, then parting where you feel most comfortable. 

4. Start by taking a medium 2-3 inch section of hair and wrap the strand around the barrel away from your face. Hold each curl on the barrel for 8-10 seconds to get the maximum impact.

5.Slowly unravel from the curling wand and begin the process again making sure you take even and proportionate sections of your hair and you’re curling in the same direction all the way around. 

6. We added a touch of shimmer & sass with some sparkly clips. Here’s where you can get really creative with what clips you use. Choose pieces that best coordinate with your date night ensemble & make up look. 

Look 2: Fun & Flirty: Textured Ponytail 

I’m sure you’ve heard of flirtatious eyes, well we prefer hair that flirts. If you’re trying to catch your loved one's attention, a great flirting technique is always a fabulous hair flick or a twirl of your locks. This textured ponytail is totally flirt proof. Try it yourself if you don’t believe us.

What you will need for the Fun & Flirty: 

  • Medium sized (1 inch) curling wand 

  • Hair Spray (We recommend L'Oreal Paris Elnett Superhold)

  • Heat Protectant Spray (We Recommend: Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Guard Protection Spray. 

  • A teasing comb

  • Duo bristle brush 

  • Texturizing spray (We recommend the Kevin Murphy Doo Over Spray) 

  • Elastic hair bands 

  • Bobby pins

1. Before heat styling your hair and extensions, you must always add heat protectant spray. 

2. Start by taking a medium 2-3 inch section of hair and wrap the strand around the barrel away from your face initially. Make sure to leave a section at the bottom of the strand straight for an authentic textured wave.


3. Continue this process, taking equal sections and curling the strands in the same direction for the full head of hair. 

4. Take hair from the back crown of the head and add the volumizing powder or spray. Use a teasing comb, to do what it does best and tees! Be gentle, as you don’t want to damage your hair by being too aggressive. 

5. Gather the hair into a low ponytail, adding volume to the roots and the top of the head while doing so, then tie with a thin elastic hair band. 

6. Take a 2 inch strand of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic hair band, until it’s concealed. Use a bobby pin the secure the strand and push it upwards towards the hairband in order to hide it. 

7. You can add more texturizing spray to the strands and use the duo bristle brush on the dips of the waves and push upwards for increased texture and extra volume. 

8. Pull on sections at the top of your hair to add more volume & texture. You can use the bottom part of the teasing comb to help with this by placing the brush horizontally into the hair and gently pulling upwards. 

9. Once you’ve strategically tugged and teesed until your heart's content. Spray hairspray to finish off the look.

We got our hands on a stunning pearl studded accessory which we played around with on the ponytail, until we reached this exquisite outcome. We suggest you do the same and add a bit of finesse. Don’t be afraid to get inventive with accessories you have around the house. A cute necklace would do the same job.

Look 3: Real Romantic: Rosette Half Updo 

Are you a sucker for romance? The starring role in a modern day Jane Austin novel or channelling Disney’s Belle at the ball. This divine hairdo will have prince charming chasing you until happy ever after. 

What you will need for the Real Romantic: 

  • A large curling wand 

  • Hair Spray (We recommend L'Oreal Paris Elnett Superhold)

  • Heat Protectant Spray (We Recommend: Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Guard Protection Spray. 

  • Clear elastic hair bands 

  • Bobby pins 

  • Pearl accessories (optional) 

1. Section the top half of your hair and tie a low, half up do. Use a thin elastic hair tie to secure your ponytail.

2. Separate the ponytail into three equal sections. 

3. Take two of these sections and twist them both in opposite directions, while simultaneously twisting them around each other and tie securely with a clear elastic hair band.

4. Gently pull on the strands of the twist to create extra volume.

5. Take the twist, place it on your head then twist it around to create a flower bun.

Use bobby pins where necessary to secure the bun. 

6. Take the third section of the ponytail and create a simple braid out of the second section. Again tie with a clear elastic hair band. 

7. Fan out the braid by gently pulling on either side. This will give you a bigger, more exaggerated braid. Place the braid around the twisted bun and use bobby pins to secure it. Make sure to hide the end part of the ponytail by tucking it into the bun. 

8. You can choose to create this look with either straight or curly hair. We’ve opted for soft waves using a large barrel curling wand. This particular wand gives you gorgeous & effortless waves. 

9. Use hair spray to secure the rosette & clean up the look using a rat tail comb. 

It doesn't get any more romantic than showing up to a date with a beautiful rose. But in this case instead of holding it, it’s a part of your hairstyle! 

As with the previous date night looks. Feel free to have fun, experiment and incorporate accessories. We opted to take ours to another level by including precious pearl pins, placed around the rosette bun.  

We hope we’ve given you the inspiration you needed to spice up your date in more ways than one. You’re officially ready to go! Give these darling date night looks a try on your next evening out. Don’t forget to show us your fabulous final looks by tagging us at @RazzlDazzHair or using #RazzlDazzlHair across all social media platforms. 

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