3 Easy Everyday Hairstyles | Hairstyles in Under 2 Minutes

Who says gorgeous hairstyles require a lot of time and effort?

This week we have a video tutorial for your with hairstyles that are perfect for days when you want to hit the snooze button a couple of times and have that extra 30 minutes of shut-eye. These quick and easy hairstyles are exactly what you need on days when you don’t have the time to doll up! Have an extra 5 minutes to spare? Clip-in your Razzl Dazzl Hair clip-in extensions for that extra va-va-voom! Here are 10 reasons why they are so awesome.


Hairstyle 1: The flower bun half updo


  1.  Gather all your hair above your ears and secure it into a small ponytail.
  2.  Divide the ponytail into three parts and start braiding a regular three strand braid and secure with a hair elastic
  3.  Fan out the braid to make each ‘petal’ appear bigger and fuller. Do this by gently massaging and stretching our each stitch of the braid
  4.  Finally, wrap the braid around its base to give it the shape of a flower or rosette. Gently fan out the bun to make it look more dramatic. Take your time with this to ensure it has a beautiful flower shape. Secure with lots of bobby pins or u-pins.


    And there you have it. A super cute hairstyle that takes a few minutes to create but looks like you’ve put in so much effort!



    Hairstyle 2: The crown braid

    1. Gather 2-inch sections of hair that frames your face on both sides
    2. Divide each section into 3 sections and braid them into a regular 3-strand braid
    3. Overlap the two braids one over the other just above your ears at the crown of your head.
    4. Secure with plenty of bobby pins

    How easy was that?! And so gorgeous! 


    Hairstyle 3: The Knot Half-Updo



    1. Gather all the hair above your ear and wrap it around your fingers to create a single loop. Pass the end of the section through the loop to create a knot.
    2. Secure the knot in place with some bobby pins. 
    3. Fan out the knot bun to make it look big and dramatic.

    Such a simple technique yet so chic! This hairstyle is personally my favourite amongst the three.

    What are your go-to hairstyles on days when you are racing against time? Let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to share this blog post with your girl friends! xoxo


    Blog Author: Mansi Deshmukh


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