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Hair Extension Care: How to Take Care of Your Clip-ins

Washing your Extensions

You should wash your extensions only when you have noticed a product buildup in them. The general rule of thumb is to wash them after every 15-20 wears (and remember - this also depends on how you use your extensions and how often you use products in them).

We recommend using sulphate-free shampoo for colour treated hair under lukewarm water in the sink. After that, you can use a conditioner of your choice so they can stay shiny and soft. After you've washed them, lie them flat on a towel and brush them out with a mixed duo bristle brush (or a soft bristle detangling brush) and leave them to dry. 

Using Conditioners/Leave-in Masks on your Extensions

Unlike your natural hair which receives natural hydration from your scalp- your hair extensions do not have a natural source keeping them hydrated. Keeping them moisturized and hydrated will prolong their life span a great deal. We recommend using hydrating treatment masks such as OLAPLEX Step1, 2 and 3 whenever you get the chance. 

Storing them

It may seem like an extremely unnecessary process for those of you who are on the lazier side of the spectrum, but it is recommended that when you have removed your clip-ins, you should make sure each of the wefts is clipped shut and brushed with a good quality brush before being stored. You should be storing your extensions in a cool, dry place - like in a drawer, or the box you have received your extensions in. Another way to store them is by investing in a hair extension carrier bag- which usually consists of a bendable hanger and a super sleek zip-up carrier bag which stores your extensions well and simultaneously keeps them undercover for those of you ladies who don’t want your man finding your extra hair lying around!

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We hope this guide helps you lead a fulfilling and fruitful relationship with your set of clip-ins!  

What are some of your tips and tricks to take care and maintain your extensions for as long as possible?

We want to know, so leave your comments below!

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