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The Ultimate Guide: How to Clip in Your Razzl Dazzl Hair Extensions

We are happy to announce that you are now the owner of the secret weapon behind many flawless hairstyles you may have saved on youtube, instagram or Pinterest! You have come to the right place if you are now looking for a step-by-step guide on how to use your clip-ins whether you have short blunt hair or medium to long hair. You should consider your clip-ins to be the invisible superheroes that just want to save all your bad and mediocre hair days but like to go unnoticed. Here are a few steps to make sure your clip-ins blend in your hair seamlessly and stay completely concealed. 

What you will need:

  • A Detangling Brush

  • A Mirror

  • Your 10 Piece Clip-ins Set

Your 10 piece clip-in extensions set should include:

  • Two 4-clip wefts*

  • Two 3-clip wefts

  • Two 2-clip wefts

  • Four 1-clip wefts

*Please note that our 120g extensions is a 9-piece set and only includes one 4-clip weft and is most suitable for thin/fine hair. Our clip-in extension sets are designed for varying lengths and thicknesses. To learn more about the most suitable set for your hair type, you can always refer to our comprehensive Thickness Guide. 

How to Clip In Your Razzl Dazzl Hair Extensions

Step 1: Detangle your hair.

Brush out your hair and your clip-ins to make sure they are tangle free and ready for your hair transformation.

It is always recommended to start brushing your hair (and your clip-ins) from the bottom and work your way up to get rid of all the tangles in the most gentle way possible.

Step 2: Section the base of your hair.

For medium length hair:

Take a clean section 1-2 inches above the nape of your hair and clip away the rest of your hair. 

The Braided Base 

Here an insider’s tip for all you girls rocking short, blunt hair: section the hair near the nape of your neck, tie it into a braid, wrap it into a bun and secure it with a bobby pin. This is the best way to avoid your blunt ends showing through your hair extension layers.

Step 3: Clip in your first 3-clip weft. 

Clip in your first 3-clip weft by first hooking in the middle clip in the part of your hair you have just sectioned and clip them shut.

For short, blunt hair, you should clip in the first weft just above your braided base. 

You should always start by centering the weft and starting with the middle clip. Be sure to clip the weft about 1 cm away from your roots. Then you can move on to securing the clips on either side. If you have finer hair, we recommend slightly teasing that top half inch of your hair and then clipping in the wefts. This will better and more comfortably secure your clip-ins. 

Step 4: Clip in the smaller 4-clip weft. 

Section another part of your hair around 1-2 inches above the weft you just placed. This is where the smaller 4-clip weft is placed. Again, start by securing the 2 middle clips in the right position of your head and then move to the outer clips. Make sure there are no bumps in the weft by running your fingers over the lining or slightly stretching the wefts from side to side while clipping in the middle clips. 

Step 5: Clip in the larger 4-clip weft.

Now clip in the larger 4-clip weft around 1-2 inches above the previous weft. This weft should be positioned immediately above your ears as it is the largest weft in your set.

Clip in the other 3-clip weft.

Now section a part of your hair - about 1-2 inches above the previous weft to place the second 3-clip weft. As usual, make sure you are always securing the middle clip in the center first and then moving on to the other two clip.

All the larger wefts should be clipped in securely on the back of your head and you should be left with the remaining 1-clip and 2-clip wefts.

Step 6: Clip in the 2-clip wefts.

Part your hair 2 inches from your temple and clip in the two 2-clip wefts on each side. It is important to ensure that the first clip (closest to your face) is at least 1-2 inches away  from your hairline to make sure it is completely concealed. 

Insider’s Tip: Your 2-clip wefts should be placed slightly diagonally so they naturally frame your face.

Step 7: Clip in the four 1-clip wefts strategically wherever they help add more volume.

Insider’s Tip: We would like to point out that with short blunt hair, sometimes it is recommended to double layer the wefts to create a more naturally blended look. You can always add a few volumizer wefts to your set to do so. 

Step 8: Style your hair! 

Now that you have placed all your clip-ins in the right sections of your hair and made sure that none of the clips on the weft stick out, it is time for the fun part- styling your hair! The possibilities are never ending when it comes to hairstyles that look extra fab with clip-in hair extensions. 

Insider’s Tip: One thing we would recommend especially for short, blunt hair though is that the best way to blend in your extensions is by adding waves or curls for your own hair and the clip -ins to blend together seamlessly. To learn how to create the perfect soft curls with your clip in hair extensions, refer to our Video.

We hope this guide has helped you through the step by step process of clipping in your Razzl Dazzl Hair Extensions. 

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