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The Ultimate Guide for First Time Clip-In Hair Extension Users


Just purchased your first set of clip-in hair extensions? First of all, we should congratulate you on upping your hair game! You are now in possession of a fun and fabulous secret weapon that many girls turn to for drop dead gorgeous hair!          

To make the best use of your new clip-ins, we have decided to provide you with this guide where you can learn all that you need to know about how to pick, style and take care of your hair extensions.

Clip-ins: Synthetic or Real Human Hair    

In terms of the make of your extensions, there are two you can choose from synthetic and Remy human hair. We find that the best quality and most natural looking extensions are the Remy human hair extensions. They are easier to blend, style and maintain compared to synthetic ones.

Choosing the Right Thickness                

The first step to making sure your clip-ins look as natural as possible, is to pick the right thickness according to your hair type. All Razzl Dazzl clip-in hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair and are sold in sets that differ in their actual weight (120g, 160g, 220g & the volumizer weft). The weight in each set doesn’t refer to the thickness of the hair strands but rather the amount of hair that is attached to the wefts in each set. Here are our recommendations according to your hair thickness:
Hair Type

Recommended Clip-Ins

Short, Blunt Hair

Short,blunt hair is the most challenging hair type to blend naturally- but it is possible! We recommend using the 220g in this situation. In some cases we also find that adding one or two volumizer wefts can also help according to how blunt your hair is.

Medium Length, Medium Thickness

Our 160g is a great option for those of you who have regular, medium thickness hair and are looking for a hair boost.    

For extra volume you can always add one or two volumizer wefts depending on the look you are going for

Long, Thick Hair

For those of you who are naturally blessed with beautiful long and thick hair who are looking to kick it up a notch, we recommend using the 220g.

Alternatively, some of our long, thick haired customers choose to go for the more natural, low key transformation by using the Wonder Weft.

Fine, Thin Hair

If you are looking to add some volume and length to your hair, we recommend using the 120g.

You can always check out our detailed thickness guide for more information on how to choose the right clip-in extension thickness.

Choosing the Right Colour

Razzl Dazzl Clip-in hair extensions are offered in 13 gorgeous shades:

Jet Black (1)

Off Black (1B)

Coffee Black (2)

Dark Brown (2B) Caramel Brown (4) Chestnut (6)

Dark Blonde (7A) Mahogany Brown (32) Beach Blonde (8)

Ash Blonde (8A) Platinum Blonde

Our clip-ins are carefully made with a multi-blend technology colouring system to more realistic and naturally blend with the varying tones in your hair. We always recommend matching your extension colour to the lower half of your hair to make sure your hair looks evenly blended. Watch our more detailed colour guide to see the different colours we have to offer.   

Once you have received your clip-ins, before opening the warranty seal on the box, we always recommend trying out the tester weft to make sure you are happy with the colour of the weft. We offer 30 days for returns and exchanges just so you can be sure you’ve found your perfect shade.

(Paste diagram of Razzl Dazzl box and arrow pointing at the tester weft as well as the warranty seal)

You can always turn to our trusty colour matching consultants who will ask you to take photos of your hair in natural light before making a recommendation on the perfect shade for you.

Blending Your Extensions the Right Way

Now that you have the perfect thickness and shade of clip-ins to match your hair needs, you need to make sure you blend in your extensions the right way to make it look as natural as possible.         

Clipping Your Extensions: Clip them in the right way-refer to our extremely detailed How to Clip-in your Hair Extensions video for a step-by-step tutorial.

Layering Your Extensions: Our hair extensions are 22 inches long in order to give you the maximum hair length and volume options you desire. Sometimes, the best way to blend in your clip-ins is to slightly cut them according to the way your layers are layered. You can either do this yourself or ask your hairdresser to do it.                     

(Angelique video on how to blend your clip ins the right way- both by visiting your hairdresser or by cutting them yourself)                

Braided Base: A little trick to make sure that the shorter edges of your own hair don’t show through the extensions is to pin the bottom section of your hair (from ear to ear) against your head. You can sneakily hide this bottom section with a quick braid)

(Video and photo of pinning the bottom section of your hair, photo of bottom pinned braid)

Curl your Hair: We always recommend curling or waving your hair and extensions together to help them flow seamlessly as one! For more natural, loose waves you can use the largest barrel on our Au Crescendo 4-in-1 Curling Wand.

Styling your Extensions:

There are two ways to style your extensions:

  1. Styling them and then clipping them in your hair

  2. Clipping them in first and then styling them with you hair                                                     

Both of these methods are used and recommended. Everyone has their own preference in what works best. The only suggestion we can give you is that for short, blunt hair it is usually better to clip in your hair extensions first and then style them with your hair to make sure they blend it as much as possible.

Styling Products on your Extensions:        

To keep your extensions looking shiny and beautiful for as long as possible we recommend using heat protective spray whenever you are planning on styling them with heated tools.    

You can use almost any hair products in your extensions (such as hair spray, dry shampoo, mousse, gel and oil) but it is recommended to try and be conservative with the amount that you use just to avoid faster product build up in the hair strands.  

Washing your Extensions:

You should wash your extensions only when you have noticed a product buildup in them. The general rule of thumb is to wash them after every 10-15 wears (and remember- this also depends on how you use your extensions and how often you use products in them).        

We recommend using sulphate-free shampoo for colour treated hair under lukewarm water in the sink. After that you can use a conditioner of your choice so they can stay shiny and soft. After you've washed them, lie them flat on a towel and brush them out with a good quality, soft bristled detangling brush and leave them to dry.

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