5 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is Your Hair's Best Friend

Fun fact: coconut oil is the first plant oil ever used in mankind. You must have heard all the buzz about how it's a miracle ingredient for your hair. Are people on to something? Yes, incorporating coconut oil in your daily hair care regime adds luster to your hair, fights frizz and keeps your hair looking healthy. Here are 5 incredible ways you can use coconut oil to take your hair game to a whole new level.

1. Give Your Conditioner a Hydrating Boost

Unrefined coconut oil is the most nourishing and hydrating deep conditioner you can get your hands on. It is excellent at nurturing dehydrated, frizzy and damage locks. The best part? It is natural and wholesome, unlike the chemically overloaded conditioners found in your local supermarket. However, just keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Like any other conditioner, avoid massaging it on your scalp and focus on the tips of your hair.  


2. Defeat Dandruff With Coconut Oil

You may have seen your fair share of shampoos that flake on their promises to defeat dandruff. Constant heat styling, infrequent hair washes, cold winters or even stress can lead to dandruff. Here's the deal: ditch the generic prescription or over-the counter anti-dandruff shampoos and opt for a good quality coconut oil. Coconut oil is very rich in fatty acids, which helps cure a dry scalp. It's anti-microbial properties also balance fungi, (which can be the root cause of dandruff) and reduce inflammation. Heat 1-2 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil and thoroughly massage the oil across your scalp. The warm oil opens up your pores and permeates into the scalp, which in turn resurrects damaged hair and gives you an enviable mane.


3. Use as a Moisturising Hair Mask

We have all learnt from our grandmothers that coconut oil is the most trusted mother nature's deep conditioner. Coconut oil contains a fatty acid called lauric acid that helps do damage control to post bleached damaged tresses. The Recipe:
  • Mash half a papaya and mix in 2 table spoons of warm coconut oil
  • Mix the mixture thoroughly until it forms a paste
  • Massage the mixture all over your hair and leave it on for 1-2 hours
  • Rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water and finish off by washing your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.


4. Use it to Make a Homemade Coconut Oil Detangle Spray

You no longer have to battle with your hair brush once you use the chemical free DIY coconut oil detangling spray. Unlike the generic store bought options, it's cheaper, gentler on the hair and not greasy.  

The recipe:

  • Add ½ cup of distilled water, ½ cup of aloe vera gel, and 1 table spoon of melted coconut oil into a blender.
  • Blend the mixture until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed together.
  • Transfer and the mixture into a spritz bottle for storage.


Use as an Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Treatment 

 Coconut oil has been known to work incredibly well as a topical treatment for many kinds of dermal infections. The antibacterial and antifungal properties work incredibly well at maintaining scalp health. The triglycerides and lauric acids in coconut oil are potent antimicrobials and even help in the prevention or treatment of lice. We recommend a weekly application for maximum benefits.

Have any other interesting coconut oil uses to share? let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you! 

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