2 Beautiful & Romantic Hairstyles | Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate than to get all glammed up and celebrate YOU! As they say, love yourself first and the rest will follow :)

To get you valentine's day ready this year, we've created two absolutely beautiful hairstyles that are soft, feminine and perfect for a date night, a day in with the girls or just a solo stroll in the park :)

  Valentine's Day Hairstyles

I started the look by clipping in my Razzl Dazzl Hair extensions in the colour Dark Brown (2B) as always. These hairstyles can really do some glam and drama and clip-in hair extensions allow me to achieve instantly long and thick hair in literally minutes. To learn more on how to click them in, click here.

 1) The Heart Braid Half Up-do

What you will need: 

Step 1

Start off by gathering your hair around your crown and secure it with a hair elastic. Ensure that it is secured tightly so that the hairstyle remains neat. Once done, create a little opening in the middle of the ponytail and flip it through the hole. 


Step 2

Once you are done flipping the ponytail, divide it into two sections and braid each section into a regular 3 strand braid. Ensure the braids are tight and neatly done so that the final look is flawless. Secure it with hair elastics.


Step 3

Now this is the part where the magic happens! Take each braid and place it over your head creating the shape of two halves of a heart. Take your time with this and ensure both sides are the same shape and as symmetrical as possible. Secure them with bobby pins or u-pins so that they don't move or get dislodged. 




Finally, join the two loose braids together and secure them with a single elastic to create the 'tail' of the heart.


And its done! How beautiful is that look? I chose to wear my hair straight for this hairstyle since I wanted the heart to stand out. Besides, I really think this makes a great look for the day. 


       2) The Rosette Crown Braid

Step 1

Start off by gathering the hair around your crown and divide them into three equal sections. Secure the sections with rubber ties to create 3 ponytails. 


Step 2

Braid each of the three ponytails into regular three strand braids. Gently pull on the braids to fan them out to add some drama to the look by making the 'petals' appear bigger.

Step 3

Wrap each braid around the base ponytail in a circle to create a 'rose'. Take your time with this until you are happy with the shape of the flower. Secure it with sufficient u-pins or bobby pins. 


And Voila! Who needs roses on v-day when you can literally create them in your hair!! Well, I still do :)


Recreate these hairstyles and tag us on instagram so we can see your masterpieces. We give away Razzl Dazzl Hair gift cards to the best ones
Blog Author: Malvika Deshmukh



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