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A wiseman once described travel so aptly  -  It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller. My recent weekend vacay to Sri Lanka was this epitome of this perception Plush flora, opulent shorelines and roseate skies make for the perfect getaway.

Throw in some incredibly rich culture and voila! You have just  seized an enduring  experience. While just 3 days in a small town called Kalutara does not quite entirely elucidate the Sri Lankan experience, it sure did make me fall in love with this glorious land that is just a stone’s throw away from India.  I just can’t seem to stop gushing about it!

My stay at the newest Anantara resort in Sri Lanka was anything short of dreamy. The property is nestled along the secluded shores of Kalutara and is the perfect amalgamation of warm hospitality and world-class luxury. What was even more enticing were the picturesque settings that were a sight for sore eyes – some of which I managed to capture for you lovely readers in this blog post…

Fresh organic fruit brought ashore by sea vendors makes for the perfect breakfast…

There is absolutely nothing like throwing in a little resort glam – I’m wearing my Razzl Dazzl Hair extensions to create some vibrant faux highlights for this casual half braid

Sometimes, catching a serene and pensive moment is all you need to recoup from the hectic hustle and bustle we call life :)

Blog Author: Malvika Deshmukh

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