Parting Your Hair - Are You Doing It The Right Way?

Identifying your face shape and parting your hair accordingly is as important as selecting the ideal hair colour or getting a professional looking haircut. The right parting can transform your look and accentuate your beautiful features. Don’t hold your breath ladies, I am here to guide you on how to part your hair depending on the shape of your face.




If you are one of those lovely ladies who has a round face, you have a curved jaw with wider cheekbones.  A deep side parting helps elongate the face and give a slimmer looking appearance. You will have to experiment with how deep you want your parting and what side you want it to be. My advice is, part your hair on the side you would like to flaunt.


An Oval face looks like an upside down egg, where the forehead is wider than the chin. Ladies, consider yourself blessed if you have an oval shaped face because you can pull off any parting you like. Have fun, play around with different partings and choose what you like best.


Do you have wider cheeks and narrow pointed chin? If yes, you have a heart shaped face. A center parting looks best for the heart shaped beauties because it will soften the chin line yet maintain a chiseled look.  However, if your hair looks scanty or a center part seems unnatural, simply part your hair in-between a middle and side parting.


A typical square shaped face is straight on the sides with sharp angled jawline. For such people, the width of the face is almost symmetrical to the length. A side parting starting from the arch of your eyebrow will complement the sharp jawline. You may also be happy to hear that bangs suit square-shaped faces best!


Do you have a diamond shaped face? Congratulations! You are blessed with a natural contour. Choose a long bob with a side or center parting to accentuate your high cheekbones and achieve a fierce look.


Oblong faces are narrow in width and broad in length. An oblong shape is a cross between a rectangle and oval shape. If this sounds like your face shape, try a middle parting as it will give the appearance of more defined jawline.

Blog Author: Mansi Deshmukh

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