DIY: How To Make Hibiscus Hair Oil For Longer And Thicker Hair

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Who doesn’t love longer, thicker hair? And while some of us are biologically blessed with long, voluminous manes, it isn’t uncommon for the externalities of life such as pollution, stress and poor nutrition to result in your hair thinning, becoming dry and turning brittle. Hair loss is amongst the most common modern day dilemmas for us women. But ladies, don’t lose heart! There are some easy and natural measures that work wonders in restoring your hair’s natural growth and shine.




Hibiscus is a power-packed nourishment for hair growth. It is rich in vitamin C, promotes collagen build up and strengthens hair follicles. Research shows that vitamin A and alpha Hydroxyl acids in hibiscus can also stimulate dormant hair follicles and spur growth. So ladies, a hibiscus infused hair oil is therefore a highly benefical addition to your hair care routine.

DIY Hibiscus infused oils for longer thicker hairINGREDIENTS:

2-3 hibiscus flowers

2-3 Tablespoons of Raw coconut oil (preferably organic)

8-10 drops of vitamin E oil

A tea-candle oil diffuser/warmer


Don’t have a tea candle warmer? Simply use a pot of hot water to keep the oils warm while the hibiscus infuses. Place the tea candle oil diffuser on a flat surface. Ensure that it is away from any flammable objects.


Add 2-3 tablespoons of raw coconut oil into the cup sitting on top of the tea candle. Allow to completely melt and turn warm.


Vitamin EAdd 8-10 drops of vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil helps repair and build hair follicles and is also an effective anti-inflammatory.


Once the oils are hot, tear the hibiscus petals and add them into the oil.


Allow to infuse for a minimum of 1 hour.


Once the hibiscus has completely infused into the oils, allow the oil to reach lukewarm temperature before using it.

Apply liberally to you hair by especially concentrating on the roots and tips. Leave it on overnight before rinsing it out.You will instantly see that you hair is lustrous and soft. Regular use will help minimize hair fall and strengthen hair follicles.

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Blog Author: Malvika Deshmukh

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