Glamourous Retro Curls

Happy New Year, lovelies!

Hope you have the best year yet. We are so excited to start this year with the agenda of bringing you tons of hair styling ideas, tutorials and hacks. For starters, I am sharing with you this incredible look I created for New Year’s Eve - big bouncy retro curls.

I wanted to do something that was bold, sultry and sophisticated. This look is inspired by my travels around Spain as it really reminds me of the dainty Flamenco dancers. It has a touch of a retro vibe and was perfect to end my year on a sweet note.

Creating beautiful curls is always daunting but with the right technique, it is super easy to create and can elevate your look any given day!

All you need is a great quality curling iron or wand. I personally prefer clipless curling wands as they are far easier for non pros like me since they don’t require you to be super skillful or dextrous.

The Au Crescendo 4-in-1 curling wand I used for this tutorial is nano-titanium plated and gives me smooth, frizz-free curls without damaging my tresses.

Additionally, I also recommend using a heat protecting serum before you style your hair anytime (I completely forgot to use it in this tutorial so my bad).  I personally prefer the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. It is easily available in India these days.

I also wore my Razzl Dazzl Hair clip-in extensions in the colour Dark Brown (2B) to add tons of volume and length to my naturally medium length hair. This look is so dramatic, clip-in extensions really elevate the end result. And as always, there is no comparison between the quality of Human Hair and synthetic hair so while Synthetic Extensions are Cheaper, Human Hair extensions can be heat styled, last longer, and are give you so much more value-for-money.

What I used:

bobby pins

Razzl Dazzl Hair Clip-in Extensions in the colour Dark Brown (2B)

Au Crescendo 4-in-1 Curling Wand

A strong-hold hair spray

A Detangling Brush or a Paddle Brush

A bunch of gold bobby pins or any embellished hair pin or clip of your choice


    Watch the Full Tutorial below to learn how I created this gorgeous look or read the steps mentioned below:


    Step One:

    Clip in your Razzl Dazzl Hair Clip-in Extensions to add plenty of Length and Volume.To watch a detailed video on how to use Razzl Dazzl Hair Extensions click here.

    Step two:

    Au crescendo curling wand to create big bouncy curls

    I am using the Au Crescendo curling wand with the 2nd largest barrel attachment since this look requires tighter and slightly defined curls. Set the temperature as desired.


    Step three:

    Starting at the very bottom from the nape of your neck, take your first row or section of hair that goes up to about the middle of your ears. Clip away the rest of the hair at the top with a secure sectioning clip. Start by curling your hair by wrapping 1 inch sections of hair around the barrel in the direction away from your face. Hold for 10-15 sections and release into your palm until it cools slightly and the curl sets.


    Step four:

    Once the first row or section is completed, release another section of hair upto your temples. Once again, clip away the rest of the hair until later. Repeat curling 1 inch sections of hair but this time towards your face instead of away. The alternating direction of curls between the sections create oodles of volume.


    Step five:

    Glamorous retro curls hair tutorialRepeat alternating sections until your reach the hair that frames your face. Curl the larger section towards your face to create that dramatic cascading wave effect that is iconic to retro or hollywood waves. Once done, take a few sectioning hair clips and place them in the troughs in between each curl to set the look while it cools. This ensures the shape of the curl stays in place for a long time.

    Finish off the look with your favourite metallic pins or embellished hair slide on one side.


    Step six

    glamorous retro curl hair tutorial

    And Viola! There you have it. A romantic and ethereal look that is sure to turn heads at your next big event.

    What it your favourite hairstyle for a formal event or party? Share with us in the comments below and we may just create a tutorial for it :)


    Blog Author: Malvika Deshmukh



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